Apr 01


I checked this out at GDC 09 last week, and saw the Gametrak Freedom motion controller in action. It’s vastly superior to the Wiimote controller in terms of accuracy and motion tracking.

I love party type games, so Squeeballs looks to be fun, but yeah, I’m dying for a good-looking, great-playing Star Wars game on the 360.

Hopefully developers will see this device as a great tool to develop fun games for.

written by Rick Kim

5 Responses to “HD Video: Gametrak Freedom motion controller for Xbox 360”

  1. 1. Wiseguy Says:

    I really hope developers support this controller. I’d love to play a fishing game using one!

  2. 2. Wiseguy Says:

    Oh, and don’t forget the Star Wars game….LIGHTSABERS!!!

  3. 3. fishing gear Says:

    Once again an excellent written post from you. Keep it up!

  4. 4. dinstapinsta Says:

    Game on guys, I play games all day long and not planning to change that anytime soon! :D

  5. 5. spatter Says:

    Gotta love those flashgames. I’ve wasted way too much time of my life on them ^^